Night Photography in the City

For photographers like Jeff Cable, part of the appeal of night photography is the new set of challenges it presents. Cable, whose day job is sports photography, says his real passion lays in sneaking away from things at nightfall to wander the city streets looking for photographs. That’s good news for all the night owls out there, as Cable shares a plethora of helpful tips in the 1 1/2-hour seminar he recently taught which focuses¬†solely¬†on night photography:

Some may see the onslaught of sleep deprivation brought on by night photography as a labor of love, but Cable, a photographer to the core, throws resting to the wayside as he considers the hobby to be “something fun to do at night.”

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Cable on not being allowed to use a tripod in a public area: “Never take no for answer, just be creative.”

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  1. The night seminar is amazing, the passion Cable shows is really nice :)

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