Newborn Posing Tips: Side Pose to Belly Pose

When it comes to newborn photography, posing can be a real challenge. Your subjects can’t exactly communicate to you if they’re feeling any discomfort. It is thus up to you to determine what works best for the newborns while ensuring that the image comes out good. Photographer Fenna Holwerda demonstrates in this video how you can comfortably transition babies from a side pose to a belly pose:

Babies can naturally lay flat on their back. It is not much of a challenge to photograph babies laid down on their backs. Posing them on the side is relatively easy as well. Gently roll them over to the side while ensuring that they do not press hard on their arms. Any disturbance to the blood flow will discomfort the child making it difficult for you to photograph them. To make your job easier, you can use soft pillows and bean bags.

newborn photography with side posing

Now, to transition from the side pose to the belly pose, here’s what you can do:

  • With the baby on his/her side, place your left hand across their chest. Be sure to warm your hands by placing them in front of a heater.
  • Then, with your right hand, gently roll the baby over. You can use your left thumb to direct the baby’s head in the process.
  • When the baby is on their belly, make sure that arm that’s away from the camera is not pressed against their body. Again, it is important to ensure proper blood circulation.
  • Pose the arm that’s facing the camera in a way the baby feels comfortable. You can either leave it beside their body, have a flat palm underneath their face, or even place it under their chin.
  • Gently press their legs forward so that the knees tuck in under their belly.
  • Once you feel that the baby is comfortable, you can even place their one foot over the other.

newborn photography belly posing

If you’d been struggling to pose a newborn this way, definitely try out Holwerda’s method. It’ll make your work so much easier.

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