New Software Detects Photoshopped Images

If you’ve ever had a hard time deciding if an image has been Photoshopped or if you’ve ever had a hard time proving that your photo is “straight out of the camera,” you may be interested in a new image hosting website which offers users a unique draw–it can tell if your image has been edited or not. Take a look at the informational clip below to learn more:

Using a variety of ways, Izitru evaluates images uploaded to its database to give the images a trust rating, with a High Trust rating being the best an image can receive to prove it is unedited.

“There are a variety of ways in which an original JPEG file, as first saved by a digital camera, may be different from subsequent versions of the file. Some of these differences reflect the fact that each digital camera has distinct ways of applying JPEG settings when saving a file. Other differences result from artifacts that are introduced when images are saved multiple times. We use a combination of six distinct forensic tests to look for these differences.”

Once tested, each image is awarded a unique URL and the user is presented with various sharing options.

Once tested, each image is awarded a unique URL and the user is presented with various sharing options.

The software, of course, isn’t foolproof, and the company admits it. Taking a photo of an edited image and uploading it to the system will likely result in a high rating, but for the most part, they say, the rating system is accurate.

Izitru is not just useful for proving authenticity to friends but, it can also be useful as authentic documentation for insurance claims, proving authenticity for photo contests, and offering credibility to journalistic photography.

What are your thoughts on this type of service?

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2 responses to “New Software Detects Photoshopped Images”

  1. Wes Hanson says:

    I tried it on a couple of my photos. From what I can tell at this time it is of very limited value at this time and appears to be useless.

  2. caenwyr says:

    I’m wondering what it can tell you about files that were saved in raw formats. Until you export those to a jpg file, there’s no artifact buildup. Maybe that explains your results, Wes.

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