Must-Have Components of a Great Property Photograph

If you’ve ever bought or sold a house, you know that photography plays a major role in attracting a buyer. The right angles and lighting can make a huge difference between a property that’s ignored and one that everyone’s dying to see. Property photographers have a lot to keep in mind on their shoots:

property photography tips

6 Components of a Great Property Photo (Via KeyAGENT. Click image to see full size.)

According to KeyAGENT, these are the critical elements of good property photography:

1. The Right Kit

  • Wide angle lens
  • Flash
  • Tripod with spirit level
  • Remote shutter
  • Grey card

2. Tailored Aperture and Shutter Speed

  • Large depth of field with smaller aperture (bigger f-stop) for shooting rooms in their entirety
  • Bigger apertures to show interesting features

3. Perfect Lighting

  • Soft, natural lighting is best
  • Try different combinations of natural and artificial lighting, illuminating dark spots with an off-camera flash as long as it’s a help, not a hindrance

4. Thoughtful Angles

  • Best practice: shoot from a corner at 45 degree angle
  • For unusually shaped rooms and intriguing details, shoot from a different vantage point

5. Comfortable Staging

  • Plump cushions
  • Straighten chairs
  • Encourage homeowners to do their own staging before you arrive

6. Clean Post-Production

  • Use photo-editing software to remove shadows, correct lighting, and adjust contrast levels to show the property off to its best potential

Would you add anything to this list?

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