Micrography, Astrophotography, Slow Motion, and Timelapse

For some photographers, taking still images of ordinary objects just isn’t enough. They are captivated by something smaller, something more colorful, something much more cosmic than what the human eye is capable of seeing on its own. These types of photographers have created thriving cultures based around these off-shoots of traditional photography and the work that they are doing is pretty incredible. Dive into the following video for an exploration into the realms of photomicrography, astrophotography, and the increasingly popular timelapse photography.

The following photograph is one of tens of thousands used in a timelapse film taken during the colorful Indian celebration known as Holi. Through timelapse video, people are able to see long expanses of time occur in just a few moments and to see things from a different perspective.

timelapse photography

Astrophotography offers photographic inspiration in different way, one which allows all us earthbound beings a glimpse into the universe. Since the science of star photography began booming in the late 1950s, the art behind the science has become especially advanced.

star photography

Photomicrography is yet another scientific discovery that has improved tenfold since its creation in the late 1800s by an Army surgeon named Joseph Woodward. Modern photomicrographers are capable of photographing even the tiniest molecules known to mankind.

micro photography

So, what kind of photography allows you to see what your eyes couldn’t?

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