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There are plenty of posing guides out there for female models, but what about men? Shooting male models needs a slightly different approach, and in this short video from Mango Street, Rachel Gulotta talks us through the various poses and simple techniques you can apply to your own male model shoots:

The model in the video isn’t a professional model, but with Gulotta’s guidance he manages some good poses. This is good news if you want to shoot a male friend who hasn’t modeled before, as Gulotta’s tips are easily followed:

  • Have your subject turn or move his head in a way that helps define his jawline.
  • Use harsh light to cast the shadow of his jawline on his neck; this will add more definition.
  • Give your subject something to do with his hands. Get him to rub his opposite shoulder or brush hair out of his eyes.
  • To stop his other hand looking awkward, get him to place one hand in his pocket.

male model posing on stairs

  • For a relaxed posture, ask him to let one arm hang like a dead weight, pulling one shoulder down. Ask him to lean forward, lean against a wall, or sit him down and get him to lean forward while sitting.
  • For sharp angles, ask your subject to bend his limbs at the joints. This will create triangular shapes which look aesthetically pleasing.

posing advice male model

Try following Gulotta’s advice and put it into practice on your next shoot with a male model, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the results.

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