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Think models have an easy job? Not so fast! There’s more to being a cover model than just showing up to a shoot and looking pretty. Take a look at the video that Target (yes, the retail store) has released showing you just what model Coco Rocha goes through to get the perfect cover shot:

Sure, there are worse jobs to have than one that requires you jump around like a madman in front of a camera, but can you imagine doing that over and over again in those shoes? Trust me, that takes some serious skills. That being said, just imagine all the fun fashion photographer Tony Kim probably had on this shoot.

magazine cover photo

When a model gets into the shoot as well as Rocha did here, it surely makes for an exciting shoot!

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One response to “Magazine Cover Photo”

  1. Alex Sablan says:

    I can only dream of working with such a wonderful model. Shooting Coco would be a dream come true.

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