Luminar 2018 Jupiter Photo Editor Update

Skylum just announced a big update to the popular new Luminar photo editor, called Luminar 2018 Jupiter, which brings significant performance enhancements, improved RAW conversion and more. Inside there’s over 300 improvements to make Luminar more responsive and useful. Current users can update for free, and there are some bonuses for new users today. Plus if you use the coupon code PICTURECORRECT at checkout you can save an extra $10. Launch deal found here: Luminar 2018 Jupiter Release

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Update: Luminar 2018 Jupiter (Click to Learn More)

While enhancing speed and overall app performance was the major focus for the Jupiter update, Skylum also dramatically improved the RAW Develop filter with new tech to provide better color and less noise, plus incorporated automatic lens distortion removal. The result is a superior, cleaner starting image, ready for further editing.

“Our loyal community of users continues to offer ideas for new features that would benefit their respective workflows, and we’ll keep on listening, learning and improving our products,” said Alex Tsepko, CEO of Skylum.“Our goal is to produce fast, easy, and feature-rich imaging software that can offer both single-click solutions as well as custom functions for those who want absolute control.”

Many photographers are looking for two things to make their editing workflow more efficient: first is a high-quality RAW converter to unlock the best image their camera has produced; one that’s rich in detail and color, while free from noise and artifacts. The second is speed – a responsive application that matches pace with a photographers workflow, and makes it easy to edit photos to look their best, is one that will be the #1 choice. Luminar Jupiter brings both qualities to photographers of any skill level.

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Photo Editing with Luminar Jupiter

Speed improvements to get more done in less time:

Skylum has dramatically increased the speed of editing across all areas of Luminar. Now images open faster, filters apply quicker, and the entire application is more responsive.

  • Most users will see snappier sliders as they’ve gained performance boosts of 3-25x for easier adjustments.
  • Luminar better uses the operating system for faster performance, with many operations seeing significant boosts.

Luminar Jupiter also got numerous interface and user experience improvements based on users’ feedback for an improved editing experience. The new version has several “under-the-hood” enhancements to add stability as well as to improve performance when editing even the largest of images.

night cityscape photo

Improved RAW Photo Conversion Tools

Better RAW conversion

  • Better exposure calculation. Refined initial brightness setting for RAW files produces a perfect match to how a camera saw the scene.
  • Cleaner gradients. Improved de-mosaic process for even cleaner image conversion, i.e. smooth transitions in areas like skies and shadows for accurate color and less noise.
  • Fewer halos. If an image has high contrast areas, the improved Defringe option will help with backlit areas or strong contrast.
  • More cameras, better compatibility. Now even more RAW formats can be edited natively with the RAW Develop filter. Plus, a large set of existing camera modules have been refined for even better RAW conversion.
  • Reduced chromatic aberration. If a lens shows color artifacts in high contrast or backlit areas, the new Auto Chromatic aberration removal option will help to get rid of green and cyan shifts.

Automatic lens distortion removal

Getting the perfect shot is now easier than ever. The RAW Develop filter analyzes an image and its metadata to calculate an Automatic Lens Distortion fix that can be applied in one-click. This is a perfect tool to get rid of wide angle distortion and get truer perspective lines and more attractive portraits.

Advanced support for DCP Profiles

Luminar recognizes the industry standard DNG Camera Profile, or “DCP” files, that users may already have on their computers (or have purchased from third parties) to ensure accurate and consistent colors. Users will also be able to use DCP profiles from DNG files. This feature is currently available for Mac and will be available soon for Windows.

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Amazing Photo Edits Quickly

Essential New Features for Windows Users

The Skylum team has put a lot of effort into making the Windows experience be world-class and significantly faster. In fact, the PC version now matches the Mac version for all core features with Batch Processing, Free Transform and Flip and Rotate tools.

Here are some Windows-specific additions

  • NEW: BATCH PROCESSING. The powerful Batch Processing workflow saves time and effort.
  • NEW: EASY TRANSFORMATIONS. To easily transform the shape of an image, the Free Transform tool can scale and position an object as needed. Plus users can easily Flip and Rotate an image using the Image menu commands.
  • Better cloning. Users can quickly call up the Clone & Stamp module by pressing Ctrl + J. Softness, opacity, and size of the brush can also now be modified.
  • Cleaner zooms. Accelerated zooming now delivers a cleaner image at all sizes. Images appear sharper when the zoom is beyond 100% for detail work. Plus the new version provides a cleaner preview when zoomed out to see the whole image.
  • Preview mode. To check out a photo free from any distractions users can now useFull Screen Preview – a great way to really study an image in detail.
  • Localization support. It’s even easier to use Luminar in a different language. The localizations have been improved for greater accuracy and can now be changed from the File menu in Windows version.
  • Better masking controls. Users can create masks more easily when painting masks. Holding down the spacebar and dragging with the cursor, pans and moves the image when masking.
  • Improved workflow with other applications. When using Luminar as a plugin with other applications, color profiles are properly included. This change also improves image exporting with attached profiles.
  • Shared workspaces. Users can now share their custom workspaces.
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Update your Luminar to Jupiter Today

The update is completely free to all Luminar 2018 users, and here is the instruction how to get it:

On Mac: Please, launch Luminar 2018, on the Top Menu Bar choose Luminar 2018 > Check for updates.

On Windows: Please, launch Luminar 2018, on the Top Toolbar choose Help > Check for updates.

How to Get Bonuses as a New User Today:

New users can also get over $200 worth of bonuses as part of the company’s update release celebration. In addition to Luminar, these bonuses include a complete landscape photography guide, aerial photography techniques, photography tutorials, sky editing overlay tools, and professional presets to help with your photo editing. All of which ends soon.

P.S. you can get $10 off if you use the coupon code picturecorrect at checkout.

Deal found here: Luminar 2018 Jupiter Update Offer

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2 responses to “Luminar 2018 Jupiter Photo Editor Update”

  1. John Maher says:

    Skylum are losing me. Endless updates with requests for more money, more money…

    I have Luminar 2017…. now upgraded to Luminar 2018. The publicity says that the upgrade to Luminar Jupiter is free for Luminar 2018 users… but no, Skylum want another £49 to upgrade to Jupiter.

    This is where I get off the gravy train.

    Skylum, frankly, is not the only show in town.

    The promise to provide a one-off payment for editing software (as opposed to the Adobe subscription) is sounding distinctly hollow… especially when you look at the panolply of software that Skylum are offering (all of which seem to have start pointing at their mouths and crying ‘more! more!).

  2. As soon as Luminar has the capacity to make landscape stitching and tethered shooting I´ll give up with Lightroom 6 that I bought a bit before the Adobe guys started with the subscription policy… If I had known I´d never gone for it. Bad policy, very bad.

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