Long Exposure and Stroboscopic Flash Effect

In this short video, photographer RJ Hidson demonstrates a fairly simple set up to get very striking multiple exposure images using Nikon SB-800 and SB-900 flashguns:

The key points to shooting these images are as follows:

  • Set the camera up on a tripod and use a long exposure time of around  3–4 seconds
  • The exposure time will be determined by the strobe settings on the flash.
  • The first setting is the number of times the flash fires, the second is the interval between flashes. From this you can work out your camera exposure time.
  • In this shoot, the model is shot out of black and carrying light sticks with wirelessly controlled flashes. She dances across the backdrop to give a sense of motion to the image.
  • The flashguns are set on fairly low power with one attached to a soft box, directly overhead the model’s path.
  • As the shutter opens, the model begins her dance. The flash fires several times, freezing her in several positions along her track and creating a very interesting image.
long exposure with flash photography

Long Exposure with Stroboscopic Flash Result

RJ Hidson’s big tip here is to carry a flashgun wherever you go, their power and versatility can allow you to capture shots you would have otherwise missed.

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3 responses to “Long Exposure and Stroboscopic Flash Effect”

  1. Kay B says:

    Was it really necessary to have that loud music blaring? Just when I had to turn up the audio to hear the photographer speak, I’m blasted with loud music. Someone needs to equalize the audio before posting videos.

  2. JANE Leiper says:

    I actually loved the music on this video, does anyone know who it is?

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