Lightroom Quick Tip: How to Easily Adjust Multiple Sliders at Once

Even though I’ve been using Adobe’s Lightroom for a long time, there are still things that I learn, from new techniques or features I hadn’t noticed, down to small details that have escaped my focus. Benjamin Warde, a Lightroom team member, managed to teach me yet another small aspect of Lightroom that I hadn’t noticed before:

When I’m making an adjustment to just a portion of the image, I usually do it to adjust one slider in Lightroom; for me, it’s usually the contrast slider, as I like to add more effect to one part of the photo that needs to stand out more. If you want to adjust more sliders easily, all while maintaining their proportion, it’s very easy to do with the same tool.

adjusting multiple sliders in adobe lightroom

The selector near the cursor is the sweet spot you need for controlling multiple sliders.

That little arrow that’s now pointing left is the one you want to click to open the “main” slider. This will reduce the effect of every component you selected, and make it incredibly easy to adjust multiple sliders in one go. The whole process takes seconds and is explained more thoroughly in the video above.

Are there any other┬átips you’ve recently learned for Lightroom?

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