Lightroom CC Essential Workflow for Photographers

Professional landscape photographer James Brandon recently surveyed his workshop attendees and 70% of them asked for more in-depth training specifically on Adobe Lightroom. So he spent the last 6 months working on this new in-depth course. Found here: Lightroom CC Essential Workflow

lightroom essentials

New: Lightroom CC Essential Workflow

Organizing Your Photos

  • There’s a ton you can do in Lightroom to organize your photos and I cover it all. The entire import process, the folder system I use, adding key words, rating photos, utilizing collections, geotagging and much more is all covered in-depth.

Processing Your Photos

  • Every single tool in the Develop Module is covered in detail, along with my typical workflow (what gets used often, what usually gets left out).
lightroom cc tutorial

Working with Tone Curves on this Canyon Photo

Creating Presets

  • I’ve created countless presets for myself as well as major software companies in the photography world. There’s an art to doing it right and I show you the secrets I’ve learned along the way.

Start to Finish Examples

  • Once we’ve gone over the entire workflow, you’ll follow along as I process images from start to finish inside Lightroom.
night photo lightroom

Editing Night Sky Photos in Lightroom

New Videos Coming

  • As time goes on, I’ll update the course periodically with new videos. This comes at no additional charge to you!

Product Details

  • Compatibility: Created using LR CC but 95% of material is applicable to earlier versions
  • Video Details: 25+ videos
  • Format: All files are .mp4 format, presented in 1920x1080p HD video
  • Closed Captions: Available for all videos
james brandon lightroom

Photos from James Brandon’s Portfolio

About the producer:
James Brandon is a professional photographer based in Fort Worth, Texas and also hosts workshops all over the world. James specializes in travel and landscape photography and also has a strong passion for teaching and photography education, hosting private and group workshops. He is author of several ebooks and video publications to help educate photographers.

Found here: Lightroom CC Essential Workflow Course

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  1. Norma Neudoerffer says:

    I DO NOT use Pay Pal so I could not purchase your Lightroom CC Essential Workflow course. I was not given an option.

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