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Like life, natural light is always moving and changing. And with this comprehensive guide, you’ll learn how to anticipate, find and capture it. As a photographer, the most powerful tool you have is natural light. In this new eBook Life in Natural Light, professional photographer Rachel Devine reveals her secrets for finding and using natural light to tell unique visual stories, enhance mood, and increase image quality. Found here: Life in Natural Light

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Life in Natural Light

With over 96 gorgeously illustrated pages, you’ll be taken on a photographic journey—the ebook aims to inspire you to explore the creative possibilities of natural light.

 What You’ll Learn

Life in Natural Light covers all aspects of photography using natural light, from concept to results:

  • Understand the essential and ephemeral qualities of natural light
  • Master the theoretical components you’ll need to work with natural light, including exposure, metering, and histogram
  • Discover expert methods for controlling the different types of natural light to suit your creative needs
  • Learn to shape, layer, and translate light, create light interplay, reveal silhouettes, and more
  • Practice professional post-processing techniques to enhance natural light
  • Realize the potential of natural light to enrich black and white, landscape and portrait photography

Some of the Many Topics Covered

  •  A Brief History of Photography
  • Types of Light
  • Flat Light
  • Dappled Light
  • Window Light
  • Open Shade
  • Dramatic Light
  • Light By Time of Day
  • Bouncing Light
  • Diffusing Light
  • Lens Flare
  • Avoiding Chromatic Aberration
  • Exposing for the Subject
  • Silhouettes
  • Post-Processing in Lightroom
  • Post-Processing in Photoshop
  • Black & White
  • Common DSLR Camera Q&A
  • Maximizing Light with Smartphone Cameras
  • Visualizing  Your Images
  • Guest Photographer Spotlights
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Pages from Life in Natural Light


The 96 page ebook also includes these extras:

  • 16 Lightroom presets for you to use, optimized for natural light and custom-created by Rachel
  • A natural light printable worksheet to use as a quick reference in the field
  • Eight profiled professionals who harness the power of natural light beautifully in their photography
  • Practical tips and tricks for working with natural light in different settings and times of day

About the Author

Rachel Devine has been honing her craft since she got her first real camera at the age of 14. A professional photographer by trade, mother of three children, author of two books and a blog, she is never without some kind of camera in her hand. In this ultimate guide, she shares her extensive knowledge and experience with natural light to help you record the beauty in your life and see extraordinary in the ordinary through your lens.

How to Get a Copy:

This ebook is a PDF and can be read on your computer or any other device with a PDF reader. To read it on your iPad, simply download it to your computer and then upload it to iBooks (or any other PDF-reading app).

Found here: Life in Natural Light

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