LapseLondon is the Biggest Ever One Day Crowdsourced Timelapse

On December 6th, 2014, over 40 photographers hit the streets of London to create the biggest timelapse ever. The crowdsourced video, LapseLondon, captures the history and life of London through the eyes of artists who are passionate about the city. Watch this amazing timelapse of a city that never stands still:

The photographers were brought together by Triggertrap to collaborate on LapseLondon. Each photographer chose a different area of London to shoot to come up with all the footage and the final result is the biggest ever single day crowdsourced timelapse.

The video is composed of over 35,000 photographs that were all taken on the same day. The photographs make up 80 different timelapse clips of the fast-moving and architecturally stunning city.

lapselondon crowdsourse timelapse

It must have been such an amazing experience to work on this ambitious project. Check out what some of the photographers say about it and watch how LapseLondon was created:

“The crazy thing about being a photographer is that you create photographs and art for a huge audience but, normally, it’s just you in a vacuum creating what you’re creating and I think bringing a load of people who do timelapses together to create something is one of the most awesome things I can imagine.” – Haje Jan Kamps, Triggertrap CEO

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