Landscape Photography During the Pandemic

If you’re seriously into landscape photography, you probably dedicate a good number of days solely to photography trips. Traveling is a pivotal part of landscape photography. But with the pandemic ruining travel for everyone, borders and travel systems have been shut down. So how do landscape photographers keep going? Photographer Thomas Heaton shares his ideas on how you can indulge in your favorite hobby in a safe way while being respectful of the law:

Landscape and travel photographers tend to value locations that are farther afield. But when you cannot trek out to distant exotic locations, you only have one choice: explore your own region and search for hidden gems.

Another advantage of shooting locally is that you’re less likely to encounter many others, since they’re probably lesser-appreciated areas. You can have the place all to yourself and not bother with tourists interrupting your shot. Also, at the end of the day, you can go back to your own home and sleep in your own bed. What a joy!

If you haven’t had the opportunity to explore the beauty around you, this could be the right time to try it. However, if you do plan on going out, make sure that you abide by local regulations—wear a mask and social distance when necessary. After all, safety comes first.

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