Landscape Photography: Dedication to Chase the Perfect Light

For many of us, Hawaii is our idea of paradise. For award winning photographer Aaron Feinberg, it is his canvas. In this video, shot over three days, we follow Aaron as he captures the stunning natural beauty of the island Kauai.

Aaron has gone from starting to sell his work to having three galleries in less than three years but from the video it is very easy to see the talent and dedication he has to capturing Hawaiian landscapes. To get to the very best locations, he needs to hike, with all his equipment, requiring that he be very fit physically. He often has to trek down the sides of steep valleys in order to get the perfect shot.

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From the video, we can see he has great mastery of the light and is not afraid to get up very early to reach a location in time for the first “Golden Hour.”

Aaron’s images show beautifully colored yet not over saturated land and seascapes, with superb composition. If they don’t want to make you pack your bags a leave for Hawaii, I am not sure what will.

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2 responses to “Landscape Photography: Dedication to Chase the Perfect Light”

  1. Mark Corder says:

    It’s not uncommon for me to leave the house at 3:00-AM and drive over a hundred miles just so I can be at some location I’ve scouted-out when the sun comes up. Not only do you have to “be there”, you have to be there WHEN!

  2. Judy Nelson says:

    Hi! Enjoyed your great video on Hawaii. We were just there March this year. Got some great shots in Molacai, where a friend of ours lives. But I just use the point and shoot easy method. I am an artist and plan to use some of my 500 photos to paint pictures. My son is an amateur photographer, and appreciates all the technical “stuff” so I am sending your email to him. By the way, if you know anyone who wants to buy a $500,000 house in Molocai, let me know. Our friends are selling theirs. Congratulations on your successful galleries. It’s tough in today’s world.

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