Landscape Photography: 6 Must-Know Photo Editing Skills

Taking a photograph is only half a photographer’s job. After that, you have to deal with editing, which can enhance the image, give it a personal touch or even alter it entirely. Your editing skills thus need to be as good as your photography skills. For landscape photography, photo editing is even more important, as there are a lot of variables that you cannot control. In today’s video, landscape photographer Mark Denney shares six of his must-know tips and techniques to improve his photography:

Most of us tend to retouch images broadly by making global adjustments. While this is not a bad thing, you need to realize that by using localized adjustment tools, you can target specific areas and elements in your photos to improve them much more precisely. Such local adjustment tools include the radial filter, graduated filter, and the adjustment brush, among others. As Denney demonstrates in the video, local adjustments can be very powerful and they can beautifully elevate your images.

Natural landscapes have a lot of colors in them. Learning how to take control of colors can be a great way to make the images pop and stand out. Denney shows you how you can use the color calibration tool, the HSL panel and the split toning technique to gain better command over the colors and tones in your images.

If you want to take your landscape photo editing to the next level, be sure to watch the video. You’ll definitely get to learn some effective landscape photo editing techniques.

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