Landscape Photographer Shares His Creative Anxiety

Admit it: at least once in your life, you’ve told yourself your photography isn’t good enough. Well, you’re not alone. This is a sort of phase that most photographers go through, like a constant rollercoaster of our love-hate relationship with the art. If you come across these thoughts frequently, you’ll love what we’ve got for you: photographer and filmmaker Adam Karnacz shares the experience he had with such feelings while he was out on a photoshoot:

It’s quite surprising to see that someone with Karnacz’s skills and experience admit to having no idea what they’re doing. But, honestly, it’s a totally normal thing to feel. Landscape photographers are mostly under the mercy of Mother Nature. When weather conditions are working against us, there’s nothing we can do but try and make the most out of the situation instead of completely losing hope.

As Karnacz stresses in the video, keep in mind that you don’t need to create a masterpiece every time you go out with your camera. This kind of thought process builds up internal pressure and will only stress you out. It’s okay if your photos turn out mediocre sometimes. Learn to appreciate the conditions you get to work in. This will improve not only your photography in the long run, but also your mental health along the way.

“Just take in that breath that we kind of all need. Accept what happens and try to press forward.”

Do you ever feel like you’re a bad photographer? If so, be sure to watch the complete video. You’ll get an idea of how a professional photographer handles these same situations and works to overcome them.

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