Is Your Tripod Sturdy Enough to Support an Acrobat?

How sturdy is a tripod really? Photographer Joe McNally had a vision of balancing a gymnast on top of a tripod and finally had the opportunity to put his plan into action. In the desert outside of Las Vegas, McNally set up a simple shoot with two acrobats:

To show how sturdy and important a tripod can be, McNally used a heavy-duty Gitzo tripod to demonstrate. With two very talented acrobats he used a very simple set-up: just one tripod and some simple lights on the side, and he shot into the sunset.

acrobat on tripod

gymnast in desert

stunt on camera gear

Even with such a simplistic set-up, McNally created stunning images of the acrobats holding poses on top of the sturdy tripod.

Even camera gear can be in the spotlight from time to time!

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