Must See Interview With a War Photographer

Working as a professional photographer doesn’t necessarily mean your days will be filled with having fun and creating images of things you enjoy. For war photographers, days can be dangerous, grueling, heartbreaking, and unforgiving. Listen to the insights of veteran photographer Don McCullin as he explains his past career as a photojournalist:

The suffering and death McCullin has witnessed, which would wear heavy on anyone, shows on in his expression as he recalls the events. In the video he speaks of specific instances that have greatly impacted him and how he has switched his focus from war to landscapes in an effort to maintain inner peace and his passion for photography.


“When my time on this earth is up I want to leave behind a legacy of beautiful landscape photos of Sommerset. I don’t want to be known as a war photographer, I hate that title.”

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4 responses to “Must See Interview With a War Photographer”

  1. Mike says:

    Well worth a look; the BBC showed this a couple of months ago.

  2. Wonderful interview, a man of conscious.

  3. klem39 says:

    The photographer who took the picture of the starving child being stalked by a Vulture committed suicide I believe. A situation that would effect most people except the Assad’s of this world.

    • Craig says:

      klem39, you are referring to South African photographer Kevin Carter, a member of the Bang Bang Club. He did commit suicide, but almost certainly not solely based on that picture – his life appeared a little more complex than that.

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