Interview with a Female Extreme Sports Photographer

If yo’ve ever wondered why the ratio of male sports photographers to female sports photographers is so heavily balanced in favor of the men, you’re not alone. Join RedBull in the following video as they interview a leading lady sports photographer by the name of Mirja Geh. Geh shares her insights on the world of action sports and gives us a look at her work life in a predominantly male industry. Have a look at the interview here:

Unlike some sports photographers, Geh covers a wide range of sports. Her work is a mix of shooting in the field and photographing athletes in the studio where she tends to get creative. Here are a few examples of her photography:

sports photographywomen photographers

Geh says that being an action sports photographer isn’t always easy; however, the work is very rewarding. She even implies that being a woman sometimes gives her an advantage, especially when it comes to the priceless skill that is social engineering.

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2 responses to “Interview with a Female Extreme Sports Photographer”

  1. Rod Arroyo says:

    Nice interview and great sports shots

  2. jdtx says:

    very intriguing work

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