Behind The Scenes of an Interrogation Photo Shoot

Art direction and set design play a major role in many photoshoots, which is why when selecting a location for an interrogation themed shoot, photographer Chris Razoyk set up studio in the machinery room in the basement of a swimming complex complete with exposed pipes and cement steps, all which help set the scene. Scouting locations, however, is just part of the work as Razoyk explains in the short clip below:

Weeks of preparation go into these types of shoots and no detail is left out. Aside from scouting a location, Razoyk also tediously selected all the props to be used for the shoot, right down to the chairs and light fixtures.

studio strobes

The process, Razoyk says, starts in his mind where he spend a great deal of time creating and designing a photoshoot in his mind. He knew how he wanted the finished portraits to look. At the very beginning of the shoot, Razoyk realized his images were somewhat flat and was able to think quickly on the spot to make the needed adjustments.

“What I love about this image is the lighting. When we first started to shoot we saw that everything was just blending together. To pull the mount from the background I set my white balance to 2800 and brought that blue in that you see in the photo. “

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