Increasing Photographic Flexibility With Speedlites

It takes a few minutes for Bob Davis to delve into the details of his speedlighting techniques, but once he does, his two-hour long presentation offers viewers non-stop learning. As a former photographer for the Chicago Sun-Times, Davis has plenty of tips to share:

One of the most interesting topics of conversation covered in the video is the importance of “getting it right in camera.” Taking the extra step to ensure your lighting is correct and flattering before you start taking photos is all important.

A look inside Davis' gear bag.

A look inside Davis’ gear bag.

Bob Davis also talks about what gear he uses and offers in-depth explanations of how he came to decide which gear to buy. According to him, a photographer should always invest in the nicest quality gear they can afford. Skimping on equipment can leave you in a bind when the shooting conditions of a certain assignment surpass the capabilities of your DSLR. For that reason, Davis uses Canon 1DX bodies, a pro-level DSLR with remarkable durability. He also uses Canon speedlights.

Throughout the presentation, Davis shares useful secrets about his lighting setups, including a number of lighting diagrams that clearly illustrate his techniques:

Lighting Diagram

Lighting Diagram

One example of Davis's beautiful use of speedlights.

One example of Davis’s beautiful use of speedlights.

The comprehensive video tutorial above is great for photographers who want to be more flexible. Mastery of speedlights gives you the versatility to create amazing photos in any situation that’s thrown at you.

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3 responses to “Increasing Photographic Flexibility With Speedlites”

  1. Paul Szilard says:

    Great tutorial. I love the content and love the presenter. He is calm but concise and full of useful information. Bob is my “kind of guy”.

  2. Heather says:

    I really enjoyed this session about the speed lights. Bob was easy to follow and understand even for us not so expert shooters :) Heather

  3. Michael Paschen Sr. says:

    What a fantastic tutorial! I have learned so much from him and his other programs. He is truly gifted!

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