If You Saw a Celebrity Would You Take a Picture? Are You a Paparazzi?

It used to be that the term paparazzi referred to professional or amateur photographers who followed celebrities around in hopes of getting a few good images that they could sell on the internet. But with everybody carrying either a point and shoot or a camera phone, the paparazzi is everyone and celebrities have less privacy than ever. Take a look at this video of Tom Cruise with his daughter trying to watch a Disney show, almost like “paparazzi mob mentality”. What would you do in this situation? Join the discussion here on Facebook:

Moms and dads snapping photos of their celebrity crushes as they spot them on the street. Aunts and uncles on vacation taking photos of Ashton Kutcher to show their niece. Pre-teens Instagramming photos of Neil Patrick Harris as he waits in line at Wendy’s. Okay, those are made up scenarios (I don’t even know if Neil eats at Wendy’s) but you get the idea. Anyone and everyone can have a camera.

And another one of Jim Carey at Rio de Janeiro, from his point of view.

It’s nice to see that both celebrities play it off cool and go along with it even though a hundred cameras are pointed at them (Via¬†PetaPixel). If it were me, I’d have a hard time not yelling at everyone to leave me alone. And you might say that, as a celebrity, they’re used to it. But even at that, not being able to walk down the street without someone whipping out their phone and snapping a pic must be a bit aggravating at times.

celebrity on vacation

Jim Carey absolutely flooded by photographers at Rio de Janeiro

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2 responses to “If You Saw a Celebrity Would You Take a Picture? Are You a Paparazzi?”

  1. Michael says:

    There are places that celebs can go where they for the most part are left alone. How hard is it to wear a hat and fake glasses?

  2. Laura says:

    I’ve taken some pictures of celebrities, but only at or around Comic-Con. Where there is really no expectation of privacy (and in one case they were just leaving a hotel to go to a premiere for Cowboys and Aliens).

    As far as situations like the Tom Cruise one. I might take one from a distance, then take pictures of the rest of the people taking pictures of Tom Cruise.

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