How Versatile is a 50mm Lens?

The 50mm focal length is one of the most popular focal lengths among photographers. One of the, ahem, prime reasons for this is its perspective: the so-called “nifty fifty” shoots very similarly to how our eyes perceive the world. But how versatile is the 50mm lens? Photographers Becki and Chris try and answer this question in today’s video as they capture some portraits using a 50mm lens.

“50mm is really good for portraits and lifestyle photography. It’s also really good for detailed shots of houses and homes.”

In a full-frame camera, a 50mm focal length is not that wide. It’s more in the telephoto range. So if you’re looking to take portraits indoors in a confined space, using a 50mm lens will be a challenge. However, for lifestyle portraits and interior detail shots, a 50mm lens works wonders. You can see some pretty awesome examples in the video above.

Besides shooting people and lifestyles, you can even use a 50mm lens for food and product photography. The lens performs beautifully when it comes to capturing details. Also, this focal length has minimal distortion, which is essential in these genres of photography.

Another great thing about the 50mm lens is that every camera manufacturer has an affordable version of it. They are light, perform brilliantly and produce high-quality results. This makes the 50mm lens an easy beginner’s lens. However, if you are just starting out, you might want to wait a bit. Go for the nifty fifty once you are comfortable using your kit lens, or else you might feel the fixed 50mm is restrictive.

Are you a fan of the 50mm lens?

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