How to Use Aperture, Shutter Speed, and ISO for Creative Control

One of the wonderful aspects about taking photos is the vast amount of creative control you have. In this video, landscape photographer Joshua Cripps reminds us how to use shutter speed, aperture, and ISO to balance and perfect an image’s exposure to achieve captivating photography results:

Remember, it doesn’t matter what you use: a stop is a stop is a stop. Whether you use the shutter speed to darken your photo by a stop, or your aperture to brighten your photo by a stop, these two images will create the same exposure level, while still having completely different settings. The decision on how to proceed is up to you, allowing for various creative decisions.

shutter speed exposure difference

Images showcasing the exposure difference in longer shutter speeds

To create your perfect image, you need to learn how to balance out your artistic preferences. For example, if you lengthen your shutter speed; you will need to counteract the additional stops by either using your ISO or your aperture. In most cases, photographers will use their aperture to balance out longer shutter speeds and avoid blowing out their photos.

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