How to Use a Smoke Tube for Eerie Photography Scenes

Admit it, fog machines are awesome. Whether in photography or at a party, fog machines just make everything look cooler. However, one problem with using fog machines in photography is being able to spread the fog where you want it to go. Often you’ll get a heavy concentration of fog in one area, and the rest of the space is barely foggy. In this video, Jay P Morgan shows you how to make a “smoke tube of death” that solves this issue:

How Make Your Own Smoke Tube:

Things You’ll Need

  • Fog Machine
  • Small Fan
  • Short Rigid Hose
  • Duct Tape/Gaffer’s Tape
  • Scissors
  • Temporary Heating Ducting


  1. Roll out the temporary heating ducting in the area where you want your fog to be and tie a not in the far end.
  2. Tape the other end of the tube to the output end of the fan so that the fan will be blowing air into the tube when it’s turned on.
  3. Use a rigid hose and some duct tape to attach the fog machine to the intake side of the fan.
  4. Turn the fan on first so that the tube inflates all the way.
  5. Turn the fog machine on and wait until the the fog fills the entire tube.
  6. Use scissors to cut holes in the tube where you want your fog to be. If you cut too many holes or don’t like where you cut them, you can reseal the holes with gaffer’s tape.
graveyard photography smoke tube death spooky

The smoke tube turns one smoke machine into a multi-smoke machine

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