How to Use a Brush to Edit Gradients in Lightroom

Having trouble using gradients in Lightroom? Benjamin Warde demonstrates how to properly use the brush to modify a gradient. He shows us his screen as he spells out where to find the tool and how to effectively use it:

For the image featured in the video, the gradient layer decreases the exposure. He places it to darken the sky behind his subject, but the exposure at first darkens the entire section it covers.

In order to access the brush and remove adjustments such as these, follow these steps:

  1. Select the Gradient tool.
  2. Add a gradient to your image and adjust the settings.
  3. Select Brush from the Mask menu.
  4. Click Erase in the Brush menu.
  5. Erase any areas that you don’t want to be affected by the gradient.

gradient layer adjustment brush

This quick technique may also be used with the radial gradient. If this tip is news to you, return to some of your edited photos and try it out!

“Remember, not everything is a picture. A good eye can edit before the shutter opens.”

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One response to “How to Use a Brush to Edit Gradients in Lightroom”

  1. Jan says:

    Probably the best quick tip ever about Lightroom capabilities. Thank you very much!

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