How to Share Photos Instantly with Lightroom

Some of you may already be using Lightroom mobile for quick edits on the fly. Most of you are aware of the benefits of shooting tethered. However, it is highly unlikely that you know about this cool feature that can combine the power of both Lightroom mobile and tethered shooting. Many times when you’re shooting inside a studio or at location, you don’t know how to set up Lightroom so that the images are seamlessly sent to a webpage that you can share privately or publicly, as well as pair with a tab for a client to see, if s/he is present at the shoot. This video from KelbyOne further demonstrates:

You need to set up Lightroom to be able to do this.

How to Set Up Lightroom

1. Create a new Collection.

Lightroom mobile fetaures

Create a new Collection

2. On the Create Collection dialogue check the ‘Set as Target Collection’ checkbox so that when you hit ‘B’ while reviewing a new capture the image will be added to the new Collection.

targeted sharing of images from a shoot

Hit ‘B’ to add a new image to the Collection

3. Right-click on the new Collection and select ‘Sync with Lightroom mobile’. You should have the Lightroom app on your tab open and preferences set. From now on whenever you hit ‘B’ a new image is added to the Collection which in turn is synced with your tab.

cool lightroom features

Sync with Lightroom mobile

Why this seemingly unnecessary step to manually hit a key? Why not all the images are shared by default? Simple. You don’t want the captures that are out of focus or poorly composed shared with your client, right? This allows you to filter the images that you want to share with your client.

lightroom mobile features

Images synced via the new targeted Collection

Remote Real-Time Image Sharing in Lightroom

Now all this time the images are also getting transferred a remote server which is accessible via a URL. Go to Use your login credentials and you can see all the images that you’ve shared under the new Collection.

remote sharing options in lightroom mobile

Remote webpage for accessing images from a shoot

From here you have a bunch of sharing options. You can choose to share the images on your Facebook account, G+, or create a private link which allows only a select group of people who you share the link with to access the images.

lightroom mobile remote sharing options

Sharing options from the web

The best thing is that the images are updated in real-time. So, someone sitting a thousand miles away with the link can check images from the shoot in real-time. They also have all the sharing controls.

How cool is that?

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  1. ron says:

    On Remote Real Time Sharing you say log into the URL with your credentials. Im new, what credential are you talking about? I recently got your book but this threw me. Thanks for the help

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