How To Setup Remote DSLR Cameras with Wireless Triggers

When shooting sporting events like basketball or football, it helps immensely to have multiple cameras working to your advantage to make sure you capture all the action. One way of doing so is by strategically setting up a few DSLRs around the court linked together using a couple Pocket Wizards and a single remote to trigger the cameras simultaneously. Scott Kelby has put together a brief tutorial on the setup he uses which is relatively quick and painless, have a look:

As Scott so wonderfully informs us in the video, the setup works for a single camera or multiple DSLR’s, but you’ll want to make sure of a few things before you start firing the trigger. First, be sure you compose a theoretical frame when you are placing your camera. Make sure that it is pointed in exactly the same direction where you want to be shooting.

For example, in the photo below, Scott knew the football players would be making their entrance through the arch so he setup his camera low to the ground, aimed at the arches entrance. Thinking beforehand about where you are most likely to capture good images is key.

remote dslr triggers

You’ll also want to do some pre-focusing to make sure that you’ll be capturing tack sharp images. It’s not impossible to do with a shallow depth of field, but a the deeper the focus the more likely you are to get usable images.  While you’re getting your focus right, make sure to set the rest of the cameras settings such as exposure, white balance, and continuous shutter mode if you’ll be using it.

Once everything is set accordingly, all you’ll have to do is keep your eyes peeled to the action and press the trigger release on your remote when you see a good photo op. It’s as easy as that!

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    Remote DSLR camera with wireless triggers can be set up according to this article.Hence this article is quite informative.

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