How to Photograph Wildlife for National Geographic

Wildlife photographer Steve Winter has enjoyed one of the most storied careers in the history of National Geographic. A former photojournalist, he began working with NatGeo in 1991 and has since won dozens of accolades and awards, including first place in the 2014 World Press Photo Awards for nature photography. In this 95-minute video, he gives a lecture describing the conditions of each photo essay he’s shot, and a retrospective analysis of his mental state during each shoot:

The video is a much-watch for anyone interested in wildlife photography, photojournalism, or environmental advocacy. The breadth and detail of Winter’s photos have illuminated some of the darkest corners of big cat culture—he’s spent months on single projects to successfully reveal the lives of snow leopards, cougars, and tigers, and the stories behind the images are worth hearing.


“We need to tell the story of the animals, the environment, and the people that live with them, or we’re doing a disservice to the readers of National Geographic, and the viewers, and the animals themselves.”

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