How to Photograph a Nebula on a Budget

Many photographers, especially those who are just starting out, have one common misconception. They believe that a better camera results in better images. In reality this is not the case at all. Of course the newer cameras have better features that can make the work easier. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that they take better photos. The techniques that you use, and the way you process your images have a greater impact on your photos than the camera that you use. To put this notion to the test, astro-photographer Trevor Jones demonstrates how you can photograph a nebula using an old camera:

The Canon EOS T3i that Jones uses to shoot the nebula is just one part of the equation. To track the nebula, he uses a Star Adventurer star tracker which is another import part of the setup. It helps the camera take a long exposure while avoiding star trails. And as you can see towards the end of the video, the result is pretty amazing.

The takeaway here is that it’s not just the camera that matters. Your preparation, your technique, and the supporting gear that you use are equally important as well. For instance, owning the latest and most expensive gear won’t make you a great portrait photographer. How you light the subject, how you pose them, and even the kind of makeup you have on them plays a pretty significant role.

So, never blame the camera for the poor results that you get. Instead, see if you’re using it correctly.

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