How to Make a DIY Pinhole Camera

Looking for a fun activity this weekend? Gather together some simple materials and make yourself a pinhole camera—a simple camera with no lens and only a single, fixed aperture:

The video above comes from Tony and Chelsea Northrup, and shows how making a pinhole camera will barely cost you anything more than a few hours. You just need a drill, a black Sharpie, a pin, some masking tape, a pair of scissors, tinfoil—and, of course, a camera body.

DIY pinhole cam objects

Start by drilling a small hole in the middle of a camera cap.

drill pinhole camera hole

Next, take a small piece of tinfoil and tape it over the inside of the cap. Use a small pin to puncture a hole through the foil.

make a pinhole camera

Use the Sharpie to draw over the masking tape, making it all black. Then snap on the cap and you’re all set.

Go ahead and shoot some goofy shots—the results will be blurry, but just think of it like a chic DIY Instagram filter.

autumn pinhole photography
pinhole street signs
blurry pinhole photo
pinhole sillhouette

For some examples of awesome pinhole shots, check out this gallery of remarkable (and often eerie) pinhole shots.

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