How to Make a Desk Lamp with an Old Camera Lens

If your friends and families know about your interest in photography, you must’ve been gifted a lens mug at some point. The first few may interest you, but if you keep on getting them, you quickly lose interest. Film maker Dave Knop understands the problem—and has a solution for it. Watch the video to see how to re-purpose your lens mug into a desk lamp:

If you’re good with tools, you’ll find the process relatively easy. You’ll also need some knowledge on wiring.

The idea is to take the wires and LED light out of an existing desk lamp and place them in the lens mug. This process involves some cutting and drilling, so be careful.

cutting an led lamp

Once the wiring and light are out from the old lamp, carefully drill some holes in the lens cup, and fix them in place inside the cup.

camera lens cup lamp

This can be a great way to re-gift a lens mug in an upgraded way. What do you think?

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