How to Improve the Speed & Efficiency of Your Digital Photography Workflow

Jeff Cable is probably one of the most practical photographers to work with and to learn from, whatever the subject is. He is best known for his wide passion of the art and for his inviting and easy-going attitude that attracts thousands of followers.

Besides working at Lexar, Jeff is a well respected professional photographer who performs a wide range of photography jobs: from sports, to nature, weddings and bar mitzvahs. That’s probably why Jeff is an absolute expert regarding efficiency and workflow. We all have a clear idea of how important it is to be fast, coherent, precise and flawless on our photography assignments, but do we know how? Do we have what it requires? How much would it cost to have an efficient and effective (digital) workflow?

Here’s your answer:

In the video, an entire 2-hour presentation, Jeff Cable himself lectures on how to efficiently process the set of information you acquired on a job. You’ll learn and be familiar with the hardware and the software it may require, as well as Jeff’s personal secrets to save time and money. This is a must-see presentation, as you’ll understand right from the very first minute. Jeff has the ability to provide constant learning with every single sentence, a full stream of content you shouldn’t miss.

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One response to “How to Improve the Speed & Efficiency of Your Digital Photography Workflow”

  1. Great video, lots of information and great tips. just what I was looking for.

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