How to Develop and Share Photos with Lightroom

Photographers have long favored Photoshop for editing digital images. Because the software is so powerful, many artists don’t much consider other options. But if you haven’t used Lightroom before or haven’t yet upgraded to the latest version, you might not know what you’re missing. Learn some of the program’s capabilities by watching Tim Grey‘s two hour presentation on optimizing and sharing photos using Lightroom 5:

Grey begins his session by demonstrating his workflow in the Develop module. He describes this module as the tool for making your images worth sharing. In addition to providing quick tips and shortcuts that simplify post-processing, he goes in depth to cover how to work with all of the sliders and controls to edit your images undestructively, emphasizing that the order in which you adjust your photos is unimportant. Lightroom applies all adjustments in its own, optimized way.


Once you’ve enhanced your photos to perfection, using color adjustments, tonal adjustments, presence, cropping and straightening, and all of the other powerful features available, you’re able to choose one of Lightroom’s sharing modules to publish your work.

From within Lightroom 5, you can easily email photos and use publish services to send photos to social media accounts. Beyond simply emailing and posting to Facebook, the sharing modules include Book, Slideshow, Print, and Web. Grey gives just a quick overview of the capabilities of these modules. You can set printer profiles, fit multiple images on a sheet of photo paper, and create books and albums for clients. Slideshows can be shared online or exported as PDFs or videos. With just the click of a button you can upload web galleries with private URLs to your website. The sharing features in Lightroom are designed to be easy to use while still producing professional results.


Grey’s informative, lengthy tutorial covers just some of Lightroom 5’s multitude of features. This image editing software is great option for photographers who want to pack a lot of options into one program.

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4 responses to “How to Develop and Share Photos with Lightroom”

  1. Deb Buchanan says:

    I enjoyed watching and learning about Lightroom 5 Tutorials today! Very detailed and descriptive information from Tim Grey and easy to understand! Thank you for sharing a great knowledgeable video!

  2. John Frieslaar says:

    Many thanks Tim, a great overview.

  3. Richard Stevens says:

    This was so very helpful for me! I’ve now gone back and re-edited some of my photos using the tips and techniques I learned form this video with amazing results! Thanks Tim!
    I look forward to learning more from you!

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