How to Create Food Photography GIF Images

Want to squeeze a little something extra out of the photographs you’ve already taken? Creating GIFs to go along with still photos is a great way to really get people’s mouths watering. Skyler Burt of We Eat Together takes us through step by step to show just what goes into melding your favorite frames into a glorious moving image.

Check out Burt’s method for creating show-stopping, fast-moving, internet-ready clips that’ll provide your food photo portfolio with an extra wow factor. Making a GIF is actually much easier than most first-timers realize – you don’t have to be a tech prodigy to start experimenting with the medium. In a matter of minutes, you can transform a series of solitary stills into moving magic.

Whether it’s watching batter boil, steam rise, or syrup drizzle, food is a dynamic subject. Consider capturing some of that action the next time you’re on set. Adding an extra dimension to your plate is always a plus, and if you can accomplish it with the materials you already have on hand, all the better!

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