How to Create a Rain Storm for a Photo Shoot

Ever want to do a photo shoot in the rain? Then check out this video of the BYU photo team shooting a promotional poster for the Contemporary Dance Theater. This behind-the-scenes look gives you a glimpse of how the BYU team staged their own little rain storm and created a dramatic scene for their photo shoot:

Since shooting in a real rainfall would present too many unpredictable challenges, the BYU team created their own scene by rigging a couple of sprinklers to cast a constant drizzle of water over the dancers. A small pocket was created between the two sprinklers so that the dancers had a little dry area to move about and avoid slipping or getting too wet. The scene was shot at night and only a few lights were used to create that dramatic low-key lighting. Together, the BYU team does a great job of evoking an emotion of love and freedom with the final images they create.

dancing while raining

Two dancers posing in the “rain”

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