How to Add Style to Your Product Photography

With product photography, first impressions really do matter. In a world where we are bombarded with advertisements all the time, it’s become more important than ever for products to grasp the viewers’ attention in a snap. And what better way to do this than by adding some style to the product photos? For all the budding product photographers out there, today we have photographer Peter McKinnon who shares an amazingly simple yet effective trick to take your product photography to the next level:

Products may look good by themselves, but the real magic happens when you add some sort of styling to them. By giving a certain theme to the image, you can add relevance. This is what allows consumers to connect with the brand or the products.

McKinnon demonstrates how he added styling to his pocket knife image using Photoshop. But you can do the same by planning ahead and using props and styling materials that complement the product you’re shooting.

Next time you’re looking to photograph a product, don’t just think about the product and your lighting setup. Go a few steps ahead and think of how you can make the customers imagine using the product.

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