How the Pros Photograph World Cup Soccer Players

Along with the 2014 FIFA World Cup happening comes this timely behind the scenes clip of a photoshoot featuring Mexican National Team goalkeeper, Guillermo Memo Ochoa. A veteran at these types of shoots, photographer Monte Isom walks us through the process of capturing the soccer superstar:

For such an extensive commercial photoshoot for Allstate, Isom brought in quite a bit of lighting–enough to line the field and freeze the action of Ochoa leaping for the ball. He used Profoto Pro 8A power packs and a PhaseOne camera body, and multiple strobes. The strobes were triggered using Pocket Wizard Plus III’s which had more than enough range to reach the lights even when Isom was standing behind the goal net.

shooting on location

Some of Isom’s lighting setup


It took precise timing and expert lighting to freeze Ochoa’s action.

Isom also took some shots of the stadium with crowds of people, which he composited together in Photoshop to create some awesome wide angle shots of the soccer player in action with a cheering crowd serving as a backdrop.


Isom composited several shots to complete his vision.

“There’s nothing like seeing your images out in the wild.”

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