How Much Do You Love Action Sports Photography?

Do you love action sports photography? Would you write it a love letter you love it so much? Well, here’s a great video by COOPH doing just that. They love action sports photography so much that they’ve created a wonderful tribute to it and all the photographers who travel the world, going to serious extremes to capture incredible, breathtaking, often nail-biting, and always blood-pumping, inspiring shots:

The photographers aren’t just lucky enough to catch killer moments—sure, a lucky shot comes along once in a while and it’s the best—but they are skilled at knowing when and how to make that perfect shot look stellar.

skydiving over beach photo

Photo by Dimitrios Kontizas

extreme biking photo

Photo by Christoph Laue

surfers in winter photo

Photo by Chris Burkard

ice cave photo

Photo by Juan Cruz Rabaglia

From waiting for the right lighting, positioning themselves to capture the best angle of an athlete mid trick or following the athletes to, literally, great heights or depths, to capturing the raw action against incredible natural backdrops, sport action photographers have to know how to tie it all in together to create one awe-inspiring image.

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