How Has the Photography Industry Changed in Recent Years?

Filling up space isn’t what photographers are commissioned for anymore. As artist rep Maren Levinson explains,

“Now with amazing consumer cameras, Instagram, Flickr, you don’t need to pay a professional to fill a space. There are lot of ways to fill a space.”

So, what does a professional photographer get commissioned for?

She explains,

“The only reason to hire a professional and pay the rates that allow them to make a living is if they can offer something that you cannot get anywhere else.”

Inherently she emphasizes that the industry now hires a professional because s/he has a vision that’s unique, which has changed dramatically over the years.

“It used to be that somebody that could light and show up and make a portrait was of value. That person is of no value anymore.”

It also is that the industry now hires photographers whose own vision matches with that of a brand.

Eventually the dynamics of the industry will reduce a professional to a single sentence. It’s the job of the professional to define that sentence.

Social media is fueling artists’ engagements, as well. There’s a lot more happening than there used to be before. Photographers, who themselves have a healthy following, are being commissioned to shoot Instagram photos of brands.

It’s an interesting conversation indeed, and gives a lot of insight into what’s happening in the industry.

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One response to “How Has the Photography Industry Changed in Recent Years?”

  1. Dan Richards says:

    I think it is a lot more than she says. Namely, the age of the digital camera, and the ability to take many shots to get one or two good ones, for a low price, has replaced the professional. Skill has become a secondary issue in our culture today. If you can at least frame a shot, then the computer will do everything else for you, and thus the new “Pro” is more of a computer wiz, than someone skilled with a camera.

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