How Did the Photographer Get That Shot? Rock Climbing

It’s not always easy to be a photographer. Especially when you get into specialty areas such as photographing extreme sports like rock climbing. There are a few amazing photos floating around of rock climbers that make you do a double a take and think, “How did the photographer get that shot?” The photograph below reveals how one photographer goes about getting the shot, and it’s not for the fainthearted. Clearly, this photographer is really committed to getting his shot:

rock climbing photographer

Rock climbing photographer Corey Rich on assignment in Joshua Tree (imgur)

The photograph was taken at the 5.12c Equinox in Joshua Tree, California, during the ascent of one of the climber’s three successful attempts at the wall. Yes, the photographer stayed up there long enough for the climber to free climb the rock on three separate occasions, and then went back the next day for more.

I’m pretty sure the safe usage instructions of this photographers ladder didn’t account for situations like this.

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2 responses to “How Did the Photographer Get That Shot? Rock Climbing”

  1. Robert Williams says:

    I am now more ipressed with the effort of the photographer than the climber. But, now I question what the photographer who took the shot of the photographer taking the photo was doing to get his shot.

  2. TimR says:

    where can I see the rest of the photos? surely there’s more than one shot of the mountain climber as they did many takes…

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