Guide for Photographic Entrepreneurs

This book is designed for photographers of all levels and at any stage of growing their business. Whether you have yet to charge one dollar, make a few hundred dollars a month, or strive to make a full-time living from your craft.

guide for photographic entrepreneurs

Guide for Photographic Entrepreneurs

This guide is meant to be a spark for you—to help you get a little more organized, to get out there and make the most of the opportunities afforded to you.

There is a lot that can be said about entrepreneurship, creativity, small business management, and, of course, the infamous blue pill: marketing. This book focuses on 20 actionable things you can do in a relatively short timeframe, without spending a lot of money (or no money at all), that can help you better manage and grow your photography business.

Each item includes at least one “Take Action” task. These tasks are meant to provide you with a spark—a jolt to your backside—so that you will do something without hesitation. Maybe you’ll even need to interrupt your reading of this eBook to go do something!

Topics Covered (68 Pages):

  • Getting Started
  • Q&A with 13 Professional Photographers in Various Specialties (Spread Throughout the Book)
  • Be a Good Boss
  • Increase Your Creative Inputs
  • Learn a New Business Skill
  • Grow Your Business Network
  • Finish a Personal Project
  • Collaborate First, Promote Second
  • Target the Right Market-ish
  • Brand Your Business for Buyers
  • Develop a Sales Q&A Instead of a Pitch
  • Create a Web Site that Impresses
  • Make the Most of Your Social Networks
  • Generate Demand by Making People Curious
photo business guide pages

Sample Pages from this Photography Business Guide

  • A Freelancer’s Manifesto: Less is More
  • Create Alternative Revenue Streams
  • Find a Free “Client”
  • Ignore the Competition
  • Control the Chaos of Freelance Work
  • Grow an Email Marketing List that Works
  • Build a Pricing Approach
  • Statistics of Professional Photographers
  • Final Words

“Creating a successful photography venture takes a lot of hard work, but if you put in the time on the things you have control over then you can confidently take creative risks and make the best business decisions when required.” -Corwin Hiebert

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