Graffiti Artists Take Over a Whole Warehouse, Documented with Hyperlapse Photography

You’re probably familiar with timelapse photography, in which still photos (taken with a stationary camera) are compiled to create the effect of motion and change.  Hyperlapse photography takes the concept a step further, by moving the camera to create an effect similar to a tracking shot.  Australian director Selina Miles has used this technique to great effect with this playful yet impressive video, titled “Limitless”:

The five-minute video depicts the graffiti artists Sofles, Fintan Magee, Treas and Quench as they paint the entirety of an abandoned warehouse.  The artists are often shown in the act of painting; other times, the images on the walls seem to come to life on their own.

Miles combines the versatility of hyperlapse with stop-motion animation, turning a couch into a pirate ship, and making one of the artists fly across the warehouse, propelled by spray paint cans as if they were jetpacks.

hyperlapse graffiti

The artists in the video sail from one graffiti mural to another aboard a couch-cum-pirate ship.

“Limitless” was made without a crew, or a lot of fancy equipment– Miles shot it all on her own with a Canon 6D, a tripod, and a three-wheeled dolly.  She used only the natural light available in the warehouse.  Needless to say, creating a piece like this is labor-intensive, both in the shooting and in the editing process, though the concept is relatively simple.  This video is a great example of what can be accomplished with minimal equipment and a lot of time and imagination!

For further training we have another article on how to do hyperlapse photography.

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  1. A very clever and creative technique at minimal cost.

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