GoPro Footage Reveals What Happened to the Lost DSLR Camera

A beautiful autumn day in New England. A bunch of guys on a road trip to New York. What could go wrong? In this case, the group made a pit stop at McDonald’s, where one of the guys asked a stranger to take a group shot of them with his dad’s DSLR. After the shot, the group got into their car and drove off. There was one minor detail, though. They forgot to put the camera away:

Interestingly, the whole incident was recorded on a GoPro camera attached to a selfie stick, however the GoPro’s tiny LCD screen was too far away for them to notice their error.

There goes my camera!

The DSLR on a short-lived joy-ride

Two hours later when the friends were back home, the camera was finally remembered. A frantic search followed, but the camera was never found.

Later, after one of the guys in the group looked at his GoPro video, the mystery was solved.

People forget all sorts of things on the roof of their car. But have you ever left something quite so expensive there?

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