Go by Train! 12 Travel-Inspiring Photos

Train rides offer something special for travelers. Traveling by rail means you’re not in a hurry; you have enough time to go step by step, city by city. It seems that the days when the masses traveled by train have passed. Still, some students and young people looking for adventure choose this path. See what you’re missing in the photos we found:

tilt, shift, train, building

photo by clarkmaxwell

long exposure train

“Train-3” captured by jar ()

train, hdr, ride

photo by Daniel Hoherd

green, train, blur, motion

photo by Sam Javanrouh

hdr, train

photo by nick ford

japan, train, station

photo by 夏天

motion blur train in mist

“Listen to the train whistle whine” captured by Don McCullough

train, mountain, snow

photo by Vincent Lock

train, puddle

photo by Brett Kiger

Some of these photos are taken in the most beautiful places on Earth. Places where you could never go by plane or car. Do you have photos to share from you train adventures?

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