Giving Back the Light: An Artist’s Interesting Twist on Light Painting Technique

French photographer and artist Philippe Echaroux has been working on an ongoing photography project that puts a twist on your typical light painting. In the quick clip below, you can enjoy his art as he and his team of assistants unfold their mission to fuse temporary and permanent art, creating something quite unique:

As a commercial and celebrity photographer, Echaroux felt he used light and captured light every day to create his images, but he never gave the light back. That thought inspired him to begin his Painting With Lights project.


The images are created by projecting a large piece of artwork onto various surfaces–ranging from trees to buildings and anything in between–and photographing the projected light to create a more permanent work of art.


Painting With Lights has had its setbacks, including multiple equipment failures. The team has broken multiple projectors and burned a power generator, but at the end of the day, the art that is produced makes the casualties worth it.

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One response to “Giving Back the Light: An Artist’s Interesting Twist on Light Painting Technique”

  1. morningmatin says:

    didn’t Alain Fleischer already do this?

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