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With years of experience comes years of adventure and excursions. David Alan Harvey has all those things and has turned his insights into an inspiring mini documentary which you can watch below. Harvey, who has completed over 40 stories for National Geographic and has been awarded The Photographer of The Year award, reflects on why he chose photography as a career and offers advice to young photographers who are considering taking the same path as he has:

Harvey finds his inspiration through love, a feeling he says he finds essential to his art. As a trained painter Harvey says he finds a lot of similarities between photography and the painting he studied. The french impressionist painters were a large influence on Harvey’s style. The way they painted ordinary life to create art eventually drew Harvey to appreciate the works of Henri Cartier Bresson and Robert Frank.

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In this second video, you can expect to get another boost of creative stimulation from Harvey as he wanders through the streets of Rio working on one of his latest photographic endeavours. Watching him work and become absorbed in the process of being in the moment, capturing them with his trusty Leica is nothing short of inspiring.

If you’re any kind of an artist, it’s like a songwriter [sic]. There are two types of musicians, those who play other peoples songs and those who write their own songs and play music. In photography, if you’re going to reach the highest levels, you have to be writing your own music.

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