Funny Flowchart to Help You Decide When & If You Should Take a Photo

What goes through your head before you release your camera’s shutter? Or before you post one of your photos online? Are you convinced your images is worthy of an award? Or are you nervous that no one will like it?

These folks have summed up your anxiety and overconfidence–as well as their own pet peeves–in this tongue-in-cheek photography flowchart:

photography flowchart

Photography Flowchart (Click to See Full Size)

The CLICKittyCAT chart, though humorous, is perhaps a bit harsh. Photography should be fun, after all. However, it does have some merit.

Practically everyone has a camera of some sort–and it shows. The Internet is saturated with blurry pictures, over-processed images, and boring photos. It’s not that good photographers never take bad shots. It’s just that they pick and choose which photos to share and which to trash.

One of the best qualities of a great photographer is his or her ability to be selective. So, by all means, keep on taking pictures if that makes you happy. The more you practice, the better you’ll get at photography. But before you click that “post” button, the makers of the photography flowchart think you should consider whether or not the photo is a keeper.

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