New: Flat Lay Photography Guide

This new 280-page eBook is designed to cover everything needed for capturing professional flat lay photography. Techniques include balance, levitation, steam, fire, splashes, typography, and more. All you need is your camera, a tripod, and a kitchen table – no complicated lighting or equipment. It is currently 80% off today for the first 500 customers if you want to check it out. Launch sale found here: Flat Lay Photo eBook & Cheat Sheets at 80% Off

flat lay photography

New: Flat Lay Photo Fever (see inside)

Meet author Dina Belenko, the uncrowned queen of creative photography. Dina plays tic-tac-toes with splashing coffee mugs, creates edible wine bottles from spaghetti, makes shooting stars out of muffins – and entire galaxies of sweets.

Her style relies on creating unique compositions while telling magical stories with everyday objects.

All from the comfort of her home.

Dina is no stranger to teaching her style of creative photography either – she’s taught 13,000+ students at ExpertPhotography over the past year.

Her images have attracted over 50,000 followers on Instagram and her role as a brand ambassador for 500px with over 110,000 followers.

Step 1. Equipment & Camera Settings

Dina touches on all of this and more, including natural and artificial light.

With a little bit of technical know-how and some basic gear, you can capture stunning flat lay photos like these…

flat lay photos

Flat Lay Photography

Step 2. Train Your Imagination

Stephen King once wrote, “Amateurs sit and wait for inspiration, the rest of us just get up and go to work.”

Lucky for you, Dina has been to work. She’s collected dozens of practical exercises to awaken inner creativity.

You can borrow her ideas and make them your own with 7 additional warm-up exercises.

Step 3. Props & Styling

Although Dina’s style of flat lay photography may require a couple of props, they are all objects you can find around your house.

When the plot & scene is carefully planned and styled, you can tell fun and imaginative stories with your images…

A summer getaway, the Alchemist’s feast, or music at your fingertips…

Step 4. Composition & Color

You have an idea, you’ve collected your props, now it’s time to bring it all together.

Dina will show you how to pick colors that work well together and suit the theme of the image…

Then adjust your composition (the arrangement) to create a striking balance that supports the story.

flat lay photo editing

Flat Lay Photo Editing Tutorials

Step 5. Editing to Perfection

One of the greatest things about Dina’s photos is that they require little to no post-processing.

Most often, you need to learn how to do only a few things, adjust colors, remove small details, or merge two photos together.

These are only small adjustments and Dina will walk you through each and every step.

How to Get the eBook for a Discount Today:

The Flat Lay Photo Fever eBook is currently 80% off for the launch sale for the first 500 customers (normally $199, currently $39). They have also thrown in 15 cheat sheets and a bonus guide on adding unique twists. It all comes with an impressive 90 day happiness guarantee so there’s no risk in trying it.

Launch sale ending soon: Flat Lay Photo eBook & Cheat Sheets at 80% Off

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